One of the most meaningful ways to showcase our gratitude, create awareness and inspire philanthropic support is through highlighting major accomplishments and successes that we have had this past year because of donations given by people like you to the Hurley Foundation.

Therefore, we asked several of our project leadership administrators to share their most recent or significant success stories this year and why/how community support has been important.

If you wish to donate to continue to support these successes, please visit the donation page and click on the specific fund.

Mona Hanna-Attisha MD MPH FAAP- Director, Pediatric Residency Program

Fund: Pediatric Education & Research (Flint Water)
Earlier this fall, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, and Hurley researchers analyzed the blood lead levels of more than 1,500 Flint children age 5 years old and younger from two time periods- between January and September 2013 when the city used Detroit water, and from January through September 2015 when the city used Flint River water. They discovered a nearly 2 percent increase in elevated blood lead levels in children across Flint. “Overexposure to lead in children can have permanent long-term consequences, including lowered IQ, developmental delays and behavioral problems.”

In great part, it was Dr. Hanna-Attisha’s publication announcement of huge findings that sparked a change back to Detroit’s water system in Flint. “Exhausting? Yes. Ready to stop? Never,” she said: “Because this is what matters. This is what we do … This is why we’re here.”

Dr. Hanna-Attisha and her team aren’t stopping. “We now have two arms of work – FLINT (Flint Lead Investigation Team – assess what happened/impact of exposure – short and long term) and FLINT (Flint Lead Innovation Team – how to prevent any impacts from exposure). Any contribution towards this research can help make a difference.”

You can make a contribution at

Laura Parcels- Director of Child Life Services

Fund: Child Life Program
Child Life is a constant reminder that our pediatric patients are children first and patients second. We let kids be kids! This is very difficult to do when these kids are facing adult sized illnesses like cancer. By the end of their journey through cancer, they have had hundreds of blood draws, port accesses, chemo treatments, fevers, mouth sores, body aches, hospitalizations, surgeries and to add to the difficulties, they have lost their hair. It is a difficult journey for an adult let alone a child. While our wonderful medical staff is keeping them alive, we are providing them with some of their childhood. Through funds raised from the Miracle Picnic, we have provided toys, books, art activities, movies, games and IPADS for them to utilize while undergoing treatment. Our happiest days are the “END OF TREATMENT” parties that we have when they have completed their entire treatment which often takes over three years. We can’t give them back the entire child hood that cancer has robbed them of, but we can give them back some of it thanks to community donations.

Linda Tracy-Stephens- Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Director

Fund: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Isaiah Struck from Bay City was only three years old when he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms, legs and hands during a backyard bonfire “gone wrong.” He was rushed to Hurley where he received excellent care during his two-week inpatient stay as well as during his weekly Outpatient Burn Clinic visits. Thanks to the Jobst Garment pants and glove purchased through the generosity of donors like you, his scarring improved. Today, Isaiah is a healthy eight year old who was chosen by the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals national office as the 2015/2016 Champion for the state of Michigan.

Cathy Metz- Senior Center of Excellence and Musculoskeletal Service Line Administrator

Fund: Senior Care Services
On September 12th, Hurley hosted the 1st ever FREE all day Senior and Senior Caregiver Workshop. The day was a complete success due to tireless efforts of volunteers from so many disciplines. 200 guests attended and 200 guests had a wonderful day. I am blessed to work with amazing people at an institution which continually puts mission first.




Alisa Craig- Administrator, Wellness and Population Health Management

Fund: General Fund
The partnership between Hurley Medical Center and YMCA Camp Copneconic was in the spotlight this past summer. 38 well-deserving children from our community had the chance to learn more about healthy living at our first annual overnight camp July 26-31, for 7-12 year olds, called: CAMP MOVE IT! 35 of these children were able to attend via scholarships from a MDCH Health Innovations grant, internal funding, and some matching funds from the YMCA of Greater Flint. Two months after camp, we received the best phone call possible. A grandma of one of our 12 year old participants called us and was in tears (tears of joy) because “camp changed his life”. Her grandson has been riding his bike every day, rarely playing video games, tried out for school sports, helping his parents cook healthier, and was overall feeling so much better about himself. This is why we do what we do!

Leo Mercer Jr, MD - Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care

Fund: Trauma Center or Burn Unit
It was a beautiful day on September 14 for the 31st annual Fall Golf Classic at the Flint Golf Club where 199 golfers played to raise over $127,000 for Hurley’s Level 1 Trauma Center and Burn Unit. “The funds raised at the Hurley Trauma Golf Classic allow us to continue caring for and treating patients in the most exceptional patient and family centered care possible,” said Leo Mercer Jr, Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care at Hurley Medical Center.

Jeff Umphrey was the ambassador at the event and was joined by his wife Kathryn. He told his story of how he was badly burned in a gasoline accident while working on a car as a mechanic. “I had a truly amazing experience at Hurley. I received exceptional care that changed my life. Today, my wife and I volunteer in the very Burn Unit that saved my life. I feel truly blessed Hurley Medical Center was here. Without Hurley, I don’t believe I’d be alive,” adds Umphrey. With a donation, you can help people like Jeff that come to Hurley for Trauma and Burns.

Lisa Hasselbach- Volunteer Director

Fund: General Fund
“Healthcare Career Days” is a project aimed at helping youth learn about careers in the healthcare field. Students visit the hospital, in support of local colleges and universities, to learn about the various occupations of healthcare. “Healthcare Career Days” will assist the student with developing that critical link between education and success preparing them for employment through speakers, tours, mock clinics and local college representatives onsite providing students with valuable college information.
Hurley Medical Center is the only hospital in Genesee County that has high school student volunteers, job shadowing and Healthcare Career Days. This is extremely popular and well attended in the 2014-2015 school year, we had 9 Healthcare Career Days and 443 students participate.