Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Annette Saseen

Annette Saseen began volunteering at Hurley in September of 2016. Whether she is assisting patients in the Outpatient Clinic, serving in the Pathology Department, or tackling special projects for the Volunteer Director, Annette is a familiar smiling face in the medical center.

Volunteer Spotlight Annette

Annette's Story

With 1,500 service hours under her belt, Annette has had the privilege of navigating many service areas of the hospital. That wide range of expertise makes her a favorite among those requesting volunteers. But it's her charming demeanor and warmth that really ensure she is welcomed with open arms by every department she has served in.

"I've developed compassion not only for patients but for what the workers do," Annette said. "I'm so thankful to be working with such caring people."

A Flint resident, Annette devotes four days a week to her volunteer work here at Hurley, but feels like she should be giving more. She credits volunteering with making her feel content to give without expecting anything in return. "After a while of doing this, I realized I don't need any acclaim or reward. Being where I'm needed and where I can give the best of me is what makes me happy," she said.

When we think of all the patients' lives she has impacted for the better; we are thankful for the pride and commitment she dedicates to her service. Thank you, Annette, for enriching the lives of our patients and employees.